Outlook Appointment CFC

This morning I created a CFC/Object to build a Outlook Appointment String which can be used to create an .ics file. I used Chris Wiggintons udf on cflib.org to create it. Download CFC.

Epoch Date Conversion (SQL Server, Oracle PL/SQL, Coldfusion, Flex)

It seems like every time I build a new application in Flex, I need to use epoch dates. Below, I'm just going to provide a reference so that I don't have to lookup the conversions every time I forget.

Live Chat: Charter Communications Cable Provider

Below, I have pasted a conversation with a local cable service provider in Reno, NV. I just thought it might be amusing to share my experience with the CF community. Feel free to leave comments. If you live in an area that has Charter Communications, I would advise you to not sign-up. As you can see below; terrible customer service.

Flex: Custom Sort DataGrid Column

Recently, I had to sort a column of data based on a number wrapped in parethesis. Fortunately, there was an extra column being passed back from ColdFusion query that made this task simple. Using the sortCompareFunction, I was able to sort on a datagrid column using a different column from my query or array collection. Hopefully this post will help someone out, because there seems to be a lack of information on subject.

Flex 360

So I'm at flex 360 this year!!! So pumped!!! Below is my schedule for Sunday + Monday. Is there any sessions that you would recommend going to? Someone who has been to the conference before or knows of a really good speaker?